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Marking Our 20th Year

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Year 1995:

James and Alice established Elm Lane International Holdings Inc (E.L.I.Holdings), specialising in providing trade, consultancy and education services throughout the UK and China

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Year 1996:

E.L.I.Holdings established an associative relationship with King & Wood (Asia's largest law firm), which remains a long-standing and increasingly strengthening partnership.

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Year 1997:

E.L.I.Holdings assisted the development of Loncin’s (manufacturer and financial services company) international strategy and helped Loncin create lasting partnerships in Europe and North America.

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Year 1998:

E.L.I.Holdings conducted a feasibility study for Wu Zhou, a subsidiary of Sichuan Changhong Electronics Company, for the company’s entry into the European market.

E.L.I.Holdings provided consulting services to Tuo Pai Spirit Comanpy to produce whisky in China.

sichuan history

Year 1999:

  • E.L.I.Holdings' subsidiary-Sichuan Centre was established in the UK. 
  • E.L.I.Holdings provided consulting service for BTR from UK to introduce a product assembly line to Hua Da Power in Shenzhen.
  • E.L.I.Holdings provided consulting service to Jinyu Holdings Ltd in Chengdu.
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Year 2001:

E.L.I.Holdings formed the Care Pet Food company, China’s largest domestic pet food producer, a joint venture with the Tongwei Group, the second largest private enterprise in China.

natural white history

Year 2003:

  • E.L.I.Holdings organised a delegation from Mercedes Benz to visit Chongqing Loncin Group, and Lyons Securities Delegation to Chongqing.
  • E.L.I.Holdings secured a licensee and technology transfer agreement allowing Dencare to manufacture Natural White’s Rapid White tooth-whitening products in China. Dencare is one China’s leading manufactures of Oral hygiene products.
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Year 2004:

  • E.L.I.Holdings arranged for the chairman of Team Scotland, Mr. Stephen Hendry to visit Chongqing to promote Golf culture in China.
  • Arranged Mr. Leslie Barber the Chairman of the Lornamead Group to visit Chongqing.
  • E.L.I. Holdings established an International Study Centre in Kelly College, Devon, providing international students study opportunities and facilities in UK
  • E.L.I Holdinngs commenced representing Scottish & Newcastle, the world’s fourth largest brewing company, in China; a relatiionship that continued for over 10 years
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Year 2005:

- E.L.I.Holdings set up a UK university International Foundation Programme within Beijing No.80 High school.

- E.L.I.Holdings assisted various universities from the Wales International Consortium to recruit students from China.

london black taxi history

Year 2006:

E.L.I.Holdings negotiated the successful purchase of UK listed company Manganese Bronze: owners of London Black cabs, by Geely Group, a Shanghai based auto manufacturer. The agreement went on to conclude the purchase of Volvo by Geely.

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Year 2010:

E.L.I. Holdings was instrumental in helping Geely Group in its acquisition of the Volvo Car Company from Ford Motor Company in a US$1.8 billion buyout.

lti geely history

Year 2011:

  • E.I.I.Holdings helped London Taxi International to cooperate with Geely Group to manufacture vehicles in China and successfully arranged a share swap between LTI and Geely Hong Kong Plc.
van gogh huse history

Year 2012:

- E.L.I.represented the European Tour to achieve a sponsorship program in China, and successfully worked with CITIC to sponsor the Hong Kong Open.

- James  purchased the house in Brixton,London in which Vincent Van Gogh lived in as a young 20 year old man. A collaboration with world-renowned arts organisation 'Art Angel' led to an internationally acclaimed art installation being exhibited in the house.

dulwich history new

Year 2013:

- ELM Education spnsored the Wells Cathedral Choir Tour to Beijing with other young musicians from Dulwich College International.

- E.L.I. represented Sunseeker in the early stage of their cooperation with China, Sunseeker was taken through various potential business models and potential clients. Eventually Wan Da invested millions of pounds to purchase Sunseeker.

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Year 2014:

E.L.I.Holdings sister company-ELM Education and UK Thames Educatiion merge to provide increased education related programmes and services.

Latest news & events

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2018-03-05 10:19:22
Hurun UK-China Awards 2018, Recognizing Outstanding Contributions to the UK-China Relationship event was held in the Corinthia Hotel, London on February 9, 2018.

Independent Preparatory School of the Year: Notting Hill and Ealing High School Junior

2017-11-24 08:11:01
Happiness underpins the considerable success enjoyed by girls at our leading prep school.