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Elm Lane International Holdings Inc (E.L.I.Holdings) was established in 1995 during a period when many overseas firms were beginning to look closely at conducting business in South-West China. Identifying a need to help these companies achieve their strategic goals in China, E.L.I.Holdings was founded by Jian Wang (James) and Alice Childs.

Initially the company primarily assisted UK firms develop their marketing and distribution platforms in China. As the company grew it developed its own investments and created additional subsidiaries to handle different businesses. E.L.I.Holdings was also one of the founding members of Sichuan’s British Chamber of Commerce and one of the first foreign business consultancies in the region. The core business then, as now, is to provide investment, education, cultural exchange and government relation solutions in China. If you are interested in investment, educational opportunities and/or cultural exchanges with a Chinese partner and you would like to leverage the knowledge, experience and relationships E.L.I.Holdings has built up over the years, contact us today to see how we can help your business, school or gallery achieve your goals on time and within budget.


Latest news & events

Minister-Counsellor commends ELM Education

2017-07-27 14:49:50
Mr Wang Yongli, Executive Director of Hanban and Minister-Counsellor for Education at the Chinese Embassy in London, commends Ms Alice Childs, Founder of ELM Education, for her outstanding contribution to Sino-British education.

UK University Ranking 2016 - The Times

2016-06-03 09:10:01
The collaboration of China-Britain education project between ELM Education Ltd and Beijing No 80 High School has achieved gratifying results in the entrance examination for year 2016, and has hit a new record high.