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18 November 2014

London Taxi International

The London Taxi Company is the UK’s premier manufacturer of purpose-built London Taxis and is universally recognised for providing the UK with the ‘Black Cab’, the icon of the world’s best taxi system. The London Taxi Company produces approx 1,800 vehicles per annum.

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18 November 2014

Tuo Pai Spirit Company

Sichuan Tuopai Shede Wine Co., Ltd. is China-based liquor manufacturer principally engaged in the production and sale of liquor products and purified water, as well as the technical support. The Company primarily provides Tianzihu, Shede, Tunzhihu, Tuopai qu, Taozui, Tuopai Tequ and Daqu, among others. Its products are provided under the brand name of SHEDE and TUOPAI. In addition, the Company is involved in manufacture and distribution of pharmaceutical products. It distributes its products mainly in Suining and Chengdu, Sichuan province.

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UK University Ranking 2016 - The Times

2016-06-03 09:10:01
The collaboration of China-Britain education project between ELM Education Ltd and Beijing No 80 High School has achieved gratifying results in the entrance examination for year 2016, and has hit a new record high.

Our 20th Anniversary Celebration

2016-03-17 14:20:21
ELI Holdings marked their 20th anniversary with a celebration at the Milton Gallery London in February 2016.