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One of the Largest Aquatic Feed Producers in China - Care Pet food Company

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18 November 2014

Tongwei Group - a leading technologically advanced private enterprise - continues its development blitz in the chemical industry, pet food, IT, construction and real estate. Tongwei Group is involved in a variety of industries, including agriculture, energy, chemicals, petfood, IT, construction and real estate. Tongwei's petfood brand has shown a 40% sales increases in production over the last few years.

E.L.I.Holdings holds a 24% stake in the Care Pet Food company. A joint venture established with Tongwei Group, one of the largest aquatic feed producers in China as well a leading manufacturer for poultry and livestock production. Care Pet dog food is mutually researched and developed by famous professors on animal nutrition, researcher on food nutrition, veterinarians and breeding experts of notable dogs with high-quality and fresh raw materials, optimized formula and advanced production equipments and technology. Tongwei Group includes over thirty subsidiaries which combined have an annual output of over 3 million tons of animal feed related products.

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