Business consultancy

Business consultancy

Business development strategies throughout China and Europe. Our sister companies in the UK and China can provide targeted, specialised advice in local regions and the field of M&A.


Sichuan Centre

Western China has experienced tremendous development in the last three years. Sichuan Province and the Chongqing Municipality account for 40% of the GDP for all of Western China, an area of 5.4 million square meters (over half of China) with a combined population of over 280 million. One-third of the country’s administrative provinces and autonomous regions are located in the western region. In 1999 Chinese President Jiang Zemin laid out a government plan to accelerate the region’s development. Chongqing Municipality (the largest municipality in the world) has since become the fifth largest city in China in terms of industrial input and has capitalized on the municipality status that it received in 1997. Sichuan remains the largest agricultural producer in China and has developed its steel, machinery, and electronics industries. Sichuan is one also one of China’s most popular tourist destinations, and is renowned for its spicy food. 

The Sichuan Centre was formed in March 1999 with a 70% investment from E.L.I.Holdings and a 30% investment from Chinese firms and the provincial government of Sichuan. The purpose was to form stronger trade and cultural links between Western China and Europe. Supported by the British and Chinese governments, the Sichuan Centre organises cultural & educational exchanges as well receiving official government delegations in the UK.

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ELI Hollyhigh

Hollyhigh International Capital is the largest investment bank in mainland China specializing in Mergers & Acquisitions. Established in 1998, Hollyhigh is amongst the earliest of securities, investment and consulting firms to be approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission. Hollyhigh provides services in acquisition of listed companies, mergers and acquisition of enterprises, private equity financing and consulting. They have worked with a variety of public, private and government owned companies from mid-market firms to Fortune 500 institutions. The company is led by its Founder and current Chairman, Mr. James Chen.

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