Market Research

Market Research

We Work with Specialised Companies to Provide Market Research for Companies Seeking to Expand in Both China and the European Market

Expanding into a new market can be an effective way to leverage your core business for growth. But it takes a disciplined process to accurately assess the potential of each growth opportunity, because a bad bet can bog down your business.

We advise foreign companies on the best method of market entry into China. This could be anything from a simple trading relationship, to joint venture manufacturing, wholly-owned foreign enterprises, technology transfer etc. We conduct market and background research and locate suitable local partners or distributors.  

We always take the following five major steps to properly assess the opportunities and risks of a new market and ensure your businesses' successful entries: 

1. Define the Market

2. Perform Market Analysis

3. Assess Internal Capabilities

4. Prioritise and Select Markets

5. Develop Market Entry Options



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Minister-Counsellor commends ELM Education

2017-07-27 14:49:50
Mr Wang Yongli, Executive Director of Hanban and Minister-Counsellor for Education at the Chinese Embassy in London, commends Ms Alice Childs, Founder of ELM Education, for her outstanding contribution to Sino-British education.

UK University Ranking 2016 - The Times

2016-06-03 09:10:01
The collaboration of China-Britain education project between ELM Education Ltd and Beijing No 80 High School has achieved gratifying results in the entrance examination for year 2016, and has hit a new record high.